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Bonzi Buddy – the Revival!


You thought it was the last time you’d ever see your favorite purple ape in 2005 after was shut down for installing malicious spyware code in their program?

Think again! Your favorite Internet surfing companion can be brought back to life! And I will show you how, through your own Dr. Frankenstein experiment.

But why Trag, why would you want to bring back such a godawful and annoying Barney-esque monster from the past?  It’s simple see, once my army of Bonzi’s are ready and I obtain enough bananas to power our… well let’s just say I have my reasons.


First thing is first, this is not the original BonziBuddy program – I have searched and searched and I am unable to find an installer on the web. I would love to try it in a Win98 sandbox environment.  However…


Scumm VM – Play your old Lucasarts Classic Games!


Have some old classic Lucasarts titles sitting around that won’t play on your fancy Windows Vista machine (or even *gasp* Windows 7?!) Well you can Download ScummVM and run them just like you were still running a 486!

If you seem to have misplaced your game disks, there are a few people around the internet who have titles available online such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2, LeChuck’s Revenge, and even Loom! You can find all your favorite classics online if you look hard enough, just make sure to virus scan, and know it’s illegal to download them without paying if you do not own the original. lol wut

Steam offers the Original Monkey Island download bundled with their new Special Edition version, which is quite nice. They sell it for $20 and I believe it’s worth every penny, being able to re-play one of my favorite classic games with a fresh feel.

Telltale Games even just released the final of 5 chapters of “Tales of Monkey Island,” the fifth installment into the game series, which Ron Gilbert (creator of Monkey Island and other Lucasarts Classics) himself even worked on! He has not worked on a Monkey Island game since LeChuck’s Revenge in 1992.

Assassins Creed 2 Hidden Messages


SAMPLE-3While making your way through the story line of the amazingly awesome fall hit, Assassins Creed II, you may stumble upon Glyphs hidden throughout the world.

As you find them, they will unlock 1 frame of a 20 part sequence from the start menu called “The Truth”.  Each frame has a little under a second of animation before it cuts out (you have to scan all of the glyphs to get the whole sequence, check the link above).

To unlock the short frames of animation, you need to solve some riddles from puzzles contained within, I can’t remember if this was the 4th or 5th frame where this occured.

Anyhow, while solving the 2nd part of this puzzle, I came across some Hexadecimal code on my scanner, and I decided to plug it into the internet…  Here is the result:

Hex Code




ASCII Translation

Antikythera Mechanism’ much older than 150 B.C.E.

If you don’t know what the Antikythera Mechanism is, you can read more about it here.

The next slide presented me with some Decimal Code:

Decimal Code

65 110 99 105 101 110 116 32 99 105 116 121 44

32 82 97 106 97 115 116 104 97 110 44 32 73 110

100 105 97 44 32 105 114 114 97 100 105

97 116 101 100 32 98 121 32 80 111 69

ASCII Translation

Ancient city, Rajasthan, India, irradiated by PoE

I’m not sure about the history of Rajasthan, but PoE is an item in the game, a Piece of Eden.

Finally I came to the last page, and my this point I was wishing I paid more attention on the first slide to catch the possible codes it contained… This last one was in Binary:

Binary Code





ASCII Translation

Sumerian. Me 23.

And I have no idea what that may be alluding to! But wow it was fun punching all of that in and converting it, I know, I am hardcore nerd.

If you have any information on the possible code contained in the first slide, please leave a reply!  I hope you enjoyed reading about this very small part of a very huge and VERY awesome game!

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