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Ancient MMO Addiction



no one can avoid the power of the poopsock!

Steam Weekend Deal – Counterstrike Source for $5.00


The weekend is here, and so is Steam’s 75% off Counter Strike Source deal!

That’s right, pick up CS:Source for just five bucks.

Hopefully some of you will add me to your Steam friends and give me an actual challenge for once, I love to 1v1!

So head on over to Steam and get your copy today!

you thought you had no life? meet the man who beat World of Warcraft



You thought you didn’t have a life?  Meet “Little Gray”, a Taiwanese man who has done everything you can do in WoW.

Which means, for the time being, until there is a patch with any new content, this man has BEAT WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

That’s right, every aspect of every achievement which is currently possible to complete (within the game’s mechanics) THIS GUY HAS DONE IT.

Click the image above to go to his WoW Armory profile, and read the original article on joystiq here.

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