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July 4th Flights!


Attempting to float fly on my Super Cub!
My sister and some of her friends are here for the Holiday, so I decided to give float flying a shot. . .

Here you will see my first attempts to become airborne from the water: (make sure you keep your eyes open for the fish!!!)

And now Part 1 of where I ditch the floats and just take off/land in a short space instead:

Part 2 of water flying!

Have a safe and fun summer everyone!

Crazy Super Cub Flight


This one was recorded shortly after my last 2 videos posted here, just haven’t gotten around to putting it up. Almsot lost my plane this day!

Feel free to watch the next video if you’re still excited from that one:

Morehead City almost Explodes!


Holy crap, someone operating a forklift at the Port must’ve had a few too many doobiesnacks for breakfast today.

The following is an excerpt from:

MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. — Nine drums filled with an explosive compound were punctured by a forklift early Tuesday as they were being unloaded at the state port in Morehead City, prompting officials to close the port.
Morehead City Mayor Jerry Jones Jr. said the 50-kilogram drums contained pentaerythritol tetranitrate. Also known as PETN, the material is used in plastic explosives and as a drug to treat heart conditions. …

… the PETN was in a liquid slurry form, which limited the size of the spill.
Colorless PETN crystals are used in detonating cords for industrial explosions, and the compound also was a component of the explosive that Richard Reid, the convicted “shoe bomber,” used in 2001 to try to blow up an airliner. A Nigerian man charged with trying to blow up a Detroit-bound flight on Christmas told authorities he had PETN in his underwear.
“We know it’s a dangerous substance. However, it is contained (at the port),” Jones said.

So if we did explode, I would have been sound asleep when it happened, score!

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