Have some old classic Lucasarts titles sitting around that won’t play on your fancy Windows Vista machine (or even *gasp* Windows 7?!) Well you can Download ScummVM and run them just like you were still running a 486!

If you seem to have misplaced your game disks, there are a few people around the internet who have titles available online such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2, LeChuck’s Revenge, and even Loom! You can find all your favorite classics online if you look hard enough, just make sure to virus scan, and know it’s illegal to download them without paying if you do not own the original. lol wut

Steam offers the Original Monkey Island download bundled with their new Special Edition version, which is quite nice. They sell it for $20 and I believe it’s worth every penny, being able to re-play one of my favorite classic games with a fresh feel.

Telltale Games even just released the final of 5 chapters of “Tales of Monkey Island,” the fifth installment into the game series, which Ron Gilbert (creator of Monkey Island and other Lucasarts Classics) himself even worked on! He has not worked on a Monkey Island game since LeChuck’s Revenge in 1992.