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Bonzi Buddy – the Revival!


You thought it was the last time you’d ever see your favorite purple ape in 2005 after was shut down for installing malicious spyware code in their program?

Think again! Your favorite Internet surfing companion can be brought back to life! And I will show you how, through your own Dr. Frankenstein experiment.

But why Trag, why would you want to bring back such a godawful and annoying Barney-esque monster from the past?  It’s simple see, once my army of Bonzi’s are ready and I obtain enough bananas to power our… well let’s just say I have my reasons.


First thing is first, this is not the original BonziBuddy program – I have searched and searched and I am unable to find an installer on the web. I would love to try it in a Win98 sandbox environment.  However…


regarding long phone rings


If you call me, and i don’t pick up after 1 minute, just fucking hang up.
If 1 minute has passed since the first ring you heard, I am probably:

1) taking a shit
2) making food
3) jerking it
4) sleeping/ignoring the fact the phone is ringing

Honestly, when you call and don’t hang up until 3 solid minutes of ringing has taken place, it makes me want to find out who you are, track you down and kill you.

I give up if I don’t have an answer within 30 seconds of ringing.
That is the cap in the modern world, when most voice mail systems will trigger.
Most people have grown accustomed to this, but i guess a few fucktards out there need 3 minutes to let the realization sink in.

To you, long telephone ringer – enjoy this flaccid wiener.

The KFC Quadruple Down


now available at your local KFC.
dont mind the strange looks when you order it
the kfc quadruple down

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