Icicle and Perfect Balance – Super fun Flash games


portal_520203 Icicle is a beautifully artistic bike riding game. WADS control you, and you’re scored on collecting ice bubbles.

The visuals are quite something in this game, it really tries to get you in a wintery mood. Head on over to and play it!

portal_479975In Perfect Balance 2, you rotate shapes and place them in the world, with each level getting progressively harder, and over 100 levels in all! ¬†At the end of the level you’ve given an option to place any number of 10 rubies on top of your current setup for a higher score.

The Secret of Monkey Island – The Movie!


Ahh I wish. Too bad the movie has already been made (3 times) and called Pirates of the Caribbean each time. For those who never played Monkey Island – it came out in 1990, created by Ron Gilbert after having been inspired by riding the Pirates of The Caribbean ride at Disney World.

You can see many Monkey Island themes in the movie (ghost pirates, the style of humor), and themes from the ride in the early games (there is a dog in a jail cell in the second Monkey Island game you use to solve a puzzle, pirate themes, etc etc..)

So yeah! I found this video and I couldn’t wipe the grin off of my face, but if you haven’t played Monkey Island, I doubt you’ll have the same problem. Enjoy!

Steam Weekend Deal – Counterstrike Source for $5.00


The weekend is here, and so is Steam’s 75% off Counter Strike Source deal!

That’s right, pick up CS:Source for just five bucks.

Hopefully some of you will add me to your Steam friends and give me an actual challenge for once, I love to 1v1!

So head on over to Steam and get your copy today!

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