The multiplayer in Assassins Creed Brotherhood is as addicting as it is annoying. I love the feeling of a perfectly executed assassination and escape, but cant stand getting assassinated immediately after I kill someone… which happens to be almost every time.

So how does multiplayer work in a game like Assassins Creed Brotherhood? Simple, everyone is a regular looking person with ninja skills, you can run around the map just like single player, crawling walls etc, except your only weapon is the hidden blade. That’s right, no epic sword fights here. This means all of your kills are instantaneous, and give you a nice slow motion cut scene – kind of a double edged sword. While it is satisfying to watch the Courtesan’s neck get broken over and over, it can lead to some problems – getting stabbed in the neck right after exposing your identity as an assassin.


This constantly happens because the way the game is designed, which I guess is the only way to keep the action ongoing. I would say about 50% of the time, this is how it happens:

Player A kills player B, player C sees A kill B and kills A.

Player D sees C kill A and then D kills C.

Player E sees player D do this and so on. . . . a pleasant day at the market suddenly erupts into 8 chain murders.

Pursuers HUD - Chased by 1 of 4 AssassinsEach game has up to 8 players in it at once. Each player has a contract to kill ONLY 1 other player. This “target” has no idea who is hunting them, only the number of people hunting them.  This is represented by red indicators on the left HUD part of the screen (which will be 0 to 4 at any time). Your number of pursuers is determined by how good you are doing in the current round, so if you are gonna go all Altair on their ass, you better be good enough to lose 4 pursuers whilst doing so.

Discretion Bar (left of Portrait)There is also a display for Discretion (this applies to your Target), keeping the bar full earns you higher points for your kills, and will deplete as you do noticeable things while your target is in Line of Sight (read – moving while holding down Right Trigger), and will notify your Target they are being Pursued by you by putting a red Triangle over your character’s head in the game.

While hunting a player, you will lose the contract, and be assigned to kill someone else if you kill the wrong one (for example, a civilian that only looks like your target).

The only player you can kill is your target, you are unable to target other players to assassinate (this includes your pursuers!), you will only be able to STUN your pursuers if you can identify them before they get on your position first. Being hunted means you MUST blend in with the crowd and use strategies to confuse your pursuer, observe your surroundings more as you are more heavily pursued… do not run out there like a retard expecting to stun them just because you know who they are.

Who farted?

Compass to find your targetHow do you tell who is a player? You have a compass and the tip get’s wider as you approach your victim, and will fill the circle completely as you get close enough. It will also light up as you are in Line of Sight of the target. However your victim isn’t exactly unique… When you start a round you pick your ‘persona’ or model. The map gets loaded with NPC models that look like ones the Assassins (players) have chosen. On any map there are at least 300 of these NPCs (that’s Non-Player Characters) which are wandering around the map in groups, alone, and standing still/sitting down.

You’d think you could just watch for strange quirks coming from the characters, but Ubisoft is smarter than that, they have given the NPCs an element of randomness, as well as giving some tools to the players to help confuse their pursuers into killing the NPC instead of the Player, such as Morph (makes a surrounding number of NPCs look like you), and Distraction (target an NPC and use ability, they transform into you and then take off RUNNING – something only players do. You will still be tracked on the radar though).

You can usually tell players because they will be running on rooftops like morons, or dashing through the crowd like cockfags. The name of the game here is stealth, and you are rewarded heavily for being discrete about your kills. If that fails, cross your fingers and hope you’ve got a Smoke Bomb and a wall to climb!

It does feel extremely satisfying to blend in a crowd and track someone you suspect for longer than a minute, before letting the perfect opportunity for a kill literally walk into your hands. It is multiplayer in a way I’ve never seen it conceived before, and I am impressed, though I still am dreaming for FULL MULTIPLAYER COMBAT – Swords/Blocks epic battles. It would be nice to be able to Challenge your Pursuer instead of just being killed by Templar Vision through a perfect blend.

Thanks for the HUD pictures!

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