How do you stun in Assassins Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer? Read my guide below for some tips on how to stun, and stop dying to every pursuer.

So last night I was playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood multiplayer for the first time with the rest of the world, and I hear about this thing called stun. How the hell do I stun? I slam on the B button (Xbox 360) all day when I see someone I KNOW is coming to kill me approaching, but they just eviscerate my face!  Time after time, my face is shredded.

Well, it turns out you can’t just counter every pursuer that is following you, otherwise the game would turn into “kill your pursuer” and not “chase your victim”. The mechanic is there to counter being killed only. The plus side is that when you pull one off, you get 200 points, so it’s not bad. Also you make your pursuer rage a little inside.

Anyways, the object is to SURPRISE your pursuer, in every sense of the word. There is no game mechanic for “surprise,” you create that element with your game play. Get it? Okay here is an example of surprising your pursuer, so you may live to assassinate another noob.

Example 1:

You realize you are being chased. You run away and Morph a crowd into your appearance. You notice the pursuer approaching. Go ahead and have him selected (it helps – L trigger to target and lock on) and press B before they have a chance to assassinate you. You MUST see the “B” button over their head for it to work. This means they need to be highlighted/selected before they get close enough to assassinate you!  Hopefully they will hesitate before killing a clone and losing their contract, giving you time to counter first.

The idea here is to give your pursuer a moment of hesitation or confusion so you can press B before they have pressed X. Think of is like baseball, the runners are assassinating, and the catchers are being assassinated. The tie goes to the runner. It doesn’t seem to make any difference if you are facing your pursuer or not.

Example 2:

You realize you are about to be assassinated by your pursuer, if you can drop your smoke bomb, this may make them pause and double over, this would give you time to execute a stun on your opponent.

Counters don’t work every time, you need to be sneaky, and smart if you want to execute one.  If you counter someone while being pursued by more than 1 person, you might want to drop a smoke bomb to clear your escape!

Kara posted some more useful information on executing a stun:

I’ve found stunning (besides what you’ve mentioned about the smoke bomb) is more likely if the pursuer’s BACK is to you, for whatever reason. I’m guessing it’s because they don’t have the option to hit the assassinate button on you if they are facing the wrong direction. This situation doesn’t happen often since the majority of the time they are walking toward you, but it’s fun if they walk into your group and are facing a morphed NPC, then you have the opportunity.I find it much easier to throw the smoke bomb and smack them on the head :)

And some more wisdom on when to stun, and when to run!

A word of advice, don’t even try and stun them if you know the person coming toward you is a human (and likely your pursuer) unless you throw a smoke bomb. You’re better to high tail it in the other direction. And if they are close to you at all, throw a smoke bomb, since you may turn tail only to be assassinated anyway. The pursuer has the advantage, so play the game with that in mind and it will all be easier. At the very least, you run away and usually cause them to enter high profile, where they only end up with a 100 point kill if they catch you, or you may escape and earn yourself some points :)

Just because YOU know your pursuer is being obvious by walking directly toward you, don’t expect the game to give you the option to stun before it’s too late. The pursuer will get a high bonus even walking in the most obvious way because they are still ‘incognito’. So plan accordingly. Either run to cause them to get a poor score, or stun them so they loose the contract.

Kara’s tips for High Score on Manhunt mode and how to avoid raging too hard:

Another note I just thought of about stunning…some teams in “Manhunt” when they are the targets will stick together to earn points stunning pursuers. While it’s fun if you’re on the team doing the stunning, it’s quite annoying if you’re the pursuer. I’ve only run into one well orchestrated team where each time a stunned pursuer would start to stand up, a target behind them would simply stun them again. This earned them plenty of points!

If you run into a team doing this, you’ll notice you can press a button (triangle on PS3) as soon as you’re stunned. It displays above your head. That will cause you to respawn instead of waiting to get up off the ground. Sometimes this is good strategy even in games other than manhunt…especially if you’re lying stunned on the ground and you have a pursuer. You make easy prey.

Thanks Kara for your useful advice!

The following is a video demonstrating multiplayer game play, and some successful stuns, maybe it will give you some ideas as well.

Hopefully you’ve learned a little something, and will be able to counter your pursuers, and spend less time wondering WHY THE FCK I KEEP GETTING ASSASSINATED OMFG.

Updated: 11/24/2010

What have you found to be the best ways to successfully stun your opponent while playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood?  Sure there are more abilities you can use to stun (Fireworks comes to mind), but what are some techniques or strategies you might use to get your stun before being assassinated?

Add your ideas in the comments below and I’ll give you credit in the post with a link to your website if you prefer, together we can collectively improve our assassination skills… Live by the creed.

Updated: 12/15/2010

Added more tips to stun/avoid being stunned

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